Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Japanese Bus Rape Fantasy Or Real

friend is good, friends and all is eternity ...
is that while everything goes wrong!
[ Friend - R. Zero]

Meanwhile we ask the question Hamlet on the preparation of the third aspic (although there Viola promotes and invites us to think B) Today we change topic and talk about egg noodles.

For Aiuolik making pasta with his sweet (ok, yes ...) hands is a way to relax . At the same time, however, the joy and fun to spend a few hours with a friend and mess with her can not be underestimated. So the egg noodles that we present today are the result of a morning with four fingers in the pie: the two Aiuolik and the two aunt Shaghy .

Ingredients (serves 4):
  • 400 gr. flour 4 eggs
dough Put the flour and eggs and start the dough. Let the dough rest for half an hour, then put a little 'flour on work surface and divide the dough into small loaves. From each cake roll out the dough with the pasta machine, coming up to the penultimate position.

Nota: la nostra macchina per la pasta (Imperia) ha 6 livelli, noi ci siamo fermati al numero 5. Secondo le sfogline bolognesi guardando in trasparenza attraverso la sfoglia si deve vedere San Luca. Ovviamente, a meno di non aver visioni, noi al massimo vediamo il mare. Diciamo dunque che la quinta è per noi una buona approssimazione, anche tenendo in conto che più fine non siamo in grado di gestire la pasta. Secondo Pi la pasta andava più sottile, secondo Aiuolik e Shaghy no. Voi regolatevi come meglio credete :-)

Stendete la sfoglia sul piano infarinato, versate un velo di farina sopra di essa, arrotolatela lungo the short cut and then choosing the thickness of your favorite noodles.
The cooking time is about 10 minutes.

Note: want to know how we dress? Be patient until tomorrow ;-)

A as ...
... Friendship


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